The vision at bdpGlobal, is simple develop a portfolio of global beverages, thus building a foundation that will launch future brand lines. Our goal is to lead the world in quality, service, and customer commitment. Our vision is to represent our current portfolio globally in places such as: India, Asia, Africa, South America, and with operating offices in Chicago, Illinois, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The bdpGlobal’s approach is based on two principles:

1. Set world-class standards for responsible marketing of our Clients’ Products in our portfolio; while creating our own product line of Ultra-Premium Products based on a new Global LifeStyle Concept.

2. Focusing on creating a shared understanding of what responsible drinking means, and reducing alcohol related harm.

Vision Focused Strategy is based on the following Choose and Develop brands with the most potential Market size, growth and profitability bdpGlobal’s ability to educated and capture a competitive market share Creating multiple Product entry points for products Developing our capabilities in both our Local, Regional and Global markets Creating the basic for our LifeStyles Theme:


                       LIFE = bdpGlobal Branding Products Globally


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