Funding Dreams Around the World

    Matthew 5:13 calls for all men and women to be a steward of each other!  That means pass the Blessings On to Others as you are blessed or loose that which you think you have earned! We at bdpGlobal look to fund and encourage business development at the grass-root level all over the World.   The whole mission of our Global Opportunity Development Fund is to actively seek out and fund new businesses empowering others so they can empower others! 

  Global Opportunity Development Fund

    Our aim is too provide visionary funding to dreams all over the world.  Funding one dream at a time developing Social and Economic Capital to promote the Dreams of the world Now and Tomorrow.  Our micro loan fund will be a direct global access lender funded by 10 percent of our profits, We understand the importance of being ableto act on Dreams Now!  We will be updating information on the Fund as we began funding and venture forming. Being good Salt is our challenge to the World are You?
What kind of Salt are you?
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